Minor: Digital Media Production
Role: Direction, design, animation
Date: 2013

The second time I attended the minor Digital Media Production, I had to make another ‘digital product’. Looking back on the previous edition I found out that I really like abstract (3D) animation, so I continued working on that. The project was another five months and there were no real deliverables.
Fresh with the previous edition in the back of my head I learned a lot on the technical side of animation, but also on human psychology and how perception can change your view on the world. This was definitely an area I wanted to dive deeper into, so I decided to dedicate this project to human perception.
The story takes place in the very beginning of human life, or actually even before, at the point where you’re still not influenced by others. It’s the fertilisation of a human egg cell (the red object), by a sperm cell (the blue object). One challenge here was to visualise human characteristics into an abstract shape, so I tried to accomplished this with colours and the roundness of objects.
The final result came into a abstract motion graphic, about my view on fertilisation. The most people see this as a happy and nice place, where new life gets born. But in my opinion it’s more of an battlefield, 99.9% of the sperm cells dies and it’s pretty hard for them to reach the egg cell. Human beings are also all programmed by DNA, so in a way we’re also programmed machines.
In the ending the teacher really liked my piece of work, and I was rewarded with an DMP achievement award, for the biggest growth in one project. It also gave me a lot of new energy to work on abstract an personal work again.