LPM Festival

LPM Festival stands for Live Performance Meeting, basically a place where video artists come together and show some work. Normally it’s in Rome, but this time there was also an edition in Eindhoven, so we took the opportunity to go there and build an exhibition. The guidelines for the exhibition were pretty free, so as long as it had something to do with projection mapping/visual art it was fine.
My buddies Giovanni and Mourad came up with the idea to make an cube and visualise the 12 laws of physics inside of it. It was supposed to be an free place, where the laws of physics could be simulated or manipulated in an aesthetic kind of way. The cube itself should be moving, with the visuals responding to it.
I wanted to really lay down the focus on the content, so I started with a really clean white cube. I worked great with some black cubes inside of it, but the only problem was that it’s pretty hard to simulate falling and moving objects inside of it. So I came up with the solution to make a striped cube. In that way we could just animate the stripes and the viewer would recognise which way the objects are moving to.
At the end it was too hard to let the cube itself move, so we chose to focus on the aesthetics of the loops, rather than trying to get the cube moving. We got some great responses from the audience and have future plans to develop a 2.0 versions, in which the cube will actually be moving.


  • Client: LPM Festival
  • Concept: Mourad Bahrouch, Giovanni Sgambato
  • Year: 2015
  • Role: Animation, modelling & lighting